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Avalon Capital is a corporate finance advisory firm providing investment banking services to international companies and private equity funds. We specialize in serving middle-market and emerging growth companies that seek exits, strategic acquisitions as well as financial investors seeking a “buy and build” strategy.

Our corporate finance advisory services enable Israeli companies and their shareholders to maximize their return on investment and free management from the time-consuming details of managing an M&A process in order to concentrate on running the business.

As a leading advisor to Israeli companies that wish to expand internationally, we leverage our familiarity with the Israeli venture capital community and foreign groups in order to provide a wide range of cross-border advisory services. These include Mergers & Acquisitions, the placement of private equity and debt, and Initial Public Offerings.

We have closed numerous deals with growth companies by accessing investors from both sides of the Atlantic. With headquarters in Israel, we have a deep international network to search and target M&A opportunities from both a buy-side and sell-side perspective.

Avalon actively represents US and European companies in their quest for growth via M&A of Israel high-tech stars. The compelling story is the attractiveness that stems from innovation, strong R&D, first mover advantage, good management, and entrants into new markets.


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